Performing on 15th of June at Sarama Blues Festival! Get down to see them!

BLACK ANIS [/ˈblæk ˈ ɑːnɪs/] is a five-piece blues-rock band formed on January 2, 2016.
Their sound is defined as a distilled blend of southern blues-rock with 90s trip-hop elements, stirred cohesively into a solid soundscape.
The name of the band was inspired by a breed of birds called <ani>, which describes the uniqueness and the freedom of the species itself, as well as by the Arabic etymology of the word-name <Αnis> which is translated as companion, tender-hearted, and close friend.
Their debut album “Resonance 21:16” is an anthology of compositions that gradually infuse the raw character of the blues-rock genre, with an abundant atmosphere of contorted effects extracted from iterative 90s trip-hop patterns.
Preserving the aesthetics, each composition of music and lyrics, creates a different story-telling journey that stimulates and amplifies the five senses and beyond, decluttering the listener’s mind, spirit, and emotions.
The “Resonance” experience is catalytic, and strives in its intense and vibrating echo, to augment the covalent bond, and to stipulate the attachment with our auditing followers.
“21:16” denotes the time we created a harmonious covenant and a cogent bond, as a symbolic depiction of our inception date.
“ ...Culminating into a sense of paranoia in the woods, the black (anis) birds traverse as a cluster in the comfort of their freedom, and summon every human and every soul, to follow their journey and listen to their melodic distortion resonating in the whisper of the wind.”



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